Lyceum: Flamenco group wows audience at Ashmore

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Lyceum: Flamenco group wows audience at Ashmore

by Danielle Provau

Juan-SiddiThe Juan Siddi Flamenco Theatre Company lit the Ashmore Auditorium on fire with their passion for the fiery Flamenco dance style on Jan. 14, 2013. The group performed two sets, showcasing the dancers and musicians respectively, in front of a sold out audience.

Before the show, the beautifully dressed dancers were practicing their steps in the hallway.

“Five minutes to curtain,” the stage manager called.

The ladies nodded and smiled; the nerves and excitement passionately showing on their faces. It was clear from their reaction that they love what they do.

In the auditorium, the last few audience members’ rushed to find their seats as the lights dimmed and the music started.

Guitarist Jose Fajardo started the show playing a solo piece. Singer Jose Cortez joined in and suddenly, bathed in a spotlight, Juan Siddi emerged upon the stage. All eyes were drawn to Siddi, his fluid movements made the music come alive as he danced. The four lady dancers then joined him on stage, creating waves of intense energy with their fiery dancing.

The audience was impressed.

“Eres increíble Juan – te queremos,” shouted someone in the audience. The audience members were all caught up in the performance, many whispering to each other: “Did you see that?”, “That was incredible.”, “Oh my goodness, amazing.”

When the curtain opened on the second half of the show, the audience was spellbound by the female dancers lying on the ground to open the set, and then moving gracefully all over the stage.

Radha Garcia, one of the female dancers, took up a violin and displayed her talents as a musician as well. Her fellow dancers, Stephanie Narvaez, Illeana Gomez, and Eliza Llewellyn, begin the Palmas – the intricate percussion technique used in flamenco – showing that everyone in the group is multi-talented.

After a stop for a show at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Pensacola State was the second stop on the company’s tour. Siddi founded Juan Siddi Flamenco Theatre Company in 2007 and they are currently on their 6th national tour in the U.S.

After the show, the ensemble took the time to greet their fans and talk with them. They demonstrated that not only do they love performing, but they appreciate their fans as well.