Major Lazer’s “Original Don” Video of the Week(Decade?)

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Major Lazer’s “Original Don” Video of the Week(Decade?)

Raymond Knott.


Between playing an amazing show at De Luna Fest, sharing a tour with Sleigh Bells that will be stopping at our very own Vinyl Music Hall, and co-producing one of my favorite collaborative DJ projects, Major Lazer, I can’t really seem to get away from Diplo lately.
Major Lazer is one of those projects that is too good, but manages to slip under a lot of people’s radar. It’s a concept project, with the titular Major Lazer being somewhere between a blaxploitation and a GI Joe. Chances are you already know “Pon de Floor,” considering that it was sampled for Beyonce’s mega-hit single “Run the world.” By sample, I mean it’s pretty much Beyonce just singing over the song, with Switch, the other member of Major Lazer, doing production.
I’d heard an earlier version of Original Don, and honestly it didn’t do much for me, but after hearing it at De Luna, the single version has found itself a permanent home in my head. I didn’t even recognize that it was a track I’d heard before, and it seems to have gone through a lot of very positive retooling. This schizophrenic banger is sure to infect your life.

Make sure to check out the rest of Major Lazer’s rapidly expanding library if you enjoyed this, and be sure to pick up ticket’s for Sleigh Bells and Diplo at Vinyl on February 6th.