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Allyson Doty

The Corsair

The Pensacola State College men’s basketball team swept the Select Physical Invitational Tournament at home Nov. 2 and Nov. 3 for their 2012-2013 non-conference season opener.
They competed against Jefferson Davis Community College Friday, Nov. 2, keeping the crowd on their toes while they battled for the win.
At the half, Pensacola State was ahead by only seven points.  The Pirates started the second half ready to win, but began to fall behind as the Sun Chiefs soon caught up.
Both teams were tied for four minutes, but it was not enough to keep the Pirates from stealing the win 76-69.
Sophomore Devin Wilson fouled Chris Oden for the Sun Chiefs, resulting in one free throw that gave Jefferson Davis another point, but not enough to put them in the lead.
“We have made a lot of mistakes, turned the ball over an awful lot but we are going to get better and better,” said head coach Pete Pena.
Saturday, was a more competitive match versus Atlanta Metro College.
Losing 52-62 with less than ten minutes left in the second half the Pirates scored 12 consecutive points taking the lead 64-62.
Point guard Josh Turner scored nine points in the second half including the winning shot with only 2.4 seconds left, making the final score 73-71.
Early on, the Pirates put an easy 21 points on the board while Atlanta Metro trailed with four. The game became teeth-clenching once AMC picked up their pace and took the halftime lead 33-27.
When Pensacola State came back out for the second half, Pena’s furious facial expressions let the crowd know how he was feeling.
“Possession first, then box off,” he yelled repeatedly during the second half.  
With three steals, Wilson scored two three-pointers and more keeping his team on track.  
“We showed a lot of character tonight; we got down late and responded and came back and that is what is important. We still have a long way to go,” Pena said after Saturday’s match.

The Pirates next game is at 7:30 p.m. Thursday night, Nov. 8, against Faulkner State Community College.