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Ashley Thompson

Published: Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mid-term grades were available on Spyglass to all students as of Oct. 24.

All instructors were required to have mid-term grades posted for the first time in many semesters.

“The mid-term grades will provide students with a snapshot of how they are doing in a class at the end of the halfway point in the term. These grades are a ‘heads-up’ to students before it’s too late to make adjustments in their study habits,” said Dr. Martin Gonzalez, PJC’s interim vice president of Instructional Affairs.

The policy to issue mid-term grades was terminated several years ago because of cost. Before, the grades were individually mailed. Now, grades are posted electronically and can be accessed using students’ Spyglass account. An e-mail has been sent to every student’s PirateMail account for further information regarding accessing mid-term grades.

The decision to bring back this policy was made by a group consisting of PJC’s president, vice presidents, provosts and a few department heads. While some instructors are questioning the need for mid-term grades, many have had a positive response in hopes that this policy will open up lines of communication regarding their grading.

What if you are not satisfied with your mid-term grade? Should you drop the class? Not so fast, Gonzalez said.

“If they are getting the grades they desire in the class at mid-term, they know that they can keep doing what they have been doing,” he said. “If their grades are lower than they desire, they know that they need to change what they are doing or seek assistance.”

Mid-term grades will not directly affect the final grade. They are only to serve as a reflection of your efforts thus far, as judged by your instructor, according to Gonzalez.

“PJC is serious about our efforts to make our students successful. We want students to have the assistance that they need to ‘earn’ the grades they desire and not be ‘given’ the grades that they desire. To make this happen we all have to work together,” he said.

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