Milton campus suffers damage from Dennis

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Pam Griswold

Published: August 23, 2005

A rare July hurricane named Dennis visited PJC. ÿClasses resumed a week after the storm, but the damage left behind is still in the process of being repaired. The cost for mending the damage is estimated to be around $1 million.

TheÿMilton branch suffered the most damage. Staff accompanied by local police officers, had to weave their wayÿaround the trees blocking the main entrance.

“When we arrived out there itÿlooked like a war zone,” said Dr. Isaac Brigham, senior vice president of planning and administration.

An employee staying in building 4200 on the campus witnessed a tornado tear across the grounds. This tornado is responsible for ripping off the back portion of the LRC as well as contortingÿstanding trees that will have to be removed for safety reasons. ÿ

Along with the many downed trees, the tornado caused theÿloss of the Milton greenhouse. ÿStudents currently are sharing the University of Florida greenhouse which was not harmed as bad, said environmental manager, Bob Long.

The damage sustained on theÿPensacola campus was less than that of the Milton branch, but Dennisÿunmistakably made its mark there as well.

Winds from the east tore out the ceiling of building 2 that had recently been replaced from Ivan. Trees punctured roofs. Water seeped through the ceilings into classrooms and offices alike.

The Warrington campus is said to have sustained the least amount of damage.

However when asked about the condition of the Warrington campus, Sandra Davis gave a weary response – “The roof is still leaking from Ivan.” ÿ

Maintenance crews came in and worked on weekends to clean up the debris strewn across the campuses and had them looking closer to normal when students returned a week later. The PJC staff credits their speedy recovery from Dennis to Ivan because they all heartily say “he” gave them plenty of practice.

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