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On May 8, 1911, one of America’s protecting forces would be born and 100 years later a celebration is due.

Philip McCollum, volunteer at the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola said, “It is just odd to see how fast it [the Navy] has evolved.”
The Navy first began with an airplane and then expanded its horizons to ships, helicopters, space travel, and such.

Many of the different types of planes, ships, helicopters, and space aviation are on display in the museum where the annual Symposium will be held. The Symposium is a celebration that the museum puts on for the whole public to see. The Symposium is held to let everyone remember what the Navy does for the people and how the Navy has evolved through the years.

This year will be the biggest Symposium yet. On May 4, the Blue Angels will start off with a practice flight and a golf tournament will take place around noon. May 5 will be a day filled with history. Many different Navy personnel will speak of their adventures from the birth of the Navy to the War years to the invention of the helicopter. May 6 will be the last day of the Symposium and will include an awards day and what the Navy is planning for the future. George H.W. Bush will be inducted into the Hall of Honor and the National Flight Academy will be christened.

The Symposium sessions are open and free to the public.  More information about the Symposium can be found at

Happy 100th Birthday NAVY!

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