Nominations needed for teaching excellence awards

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Cynthia Munoz

Sep 27 2006 12:00AM

The Academy of Teaching Excellence will hold its annual inauguration in January. The deadline to vote for your favorite teacher is Oct. 17.

According to Nan James, executive secretary, the Academy of Teaching Excellence provides recognition and fosters teaching excellence by providing examples of various teaching styles, strategies, speakers, and workshops.  The Academy also acts as a resource to faculty members.

According to Richard Jernigan, a music instructor and one of last year’s award recipients, the purpose of the Academy is to recognize good college teaching and encourage good college instructors.

“The Academy helps cheerlead or assist and advise other teachers about good teaching skills,” Jernigan said.

Full time faculty members not in the Academy with a record of teaching excellence and adjunct faculty that have taught at least three years and six sections at PJC are eligible for inauguration.

According to James, any student, informal group (i.e. class or study group), formal student group, and any administrator or faculty member may nominate a teacher or adjunct.

 Jernigan, who was nominated by his department head, believes student nominations are the most cherished.

“Being inducted into the academy was the highlight of my career,” Jernigan said, “but I couldn’t imagine a greater honor than to be elected by a student.”

But students are not voting.

Student Courtney Lombardi, who has heard of the awards but never voted herself, said it is important to recognize an instructor.  Lombardi said the lack of information as to how to nominate a teacher is preventing the students from doing so.

“I believe more students would vote if they knew,” said Lombardi.  “Maybe some more announcements or postings along the halls or in the bathrooms were everyone goes could help.”

Nomination forms for the 2006 Teaching Excellence Awards are available in the academic departments, the provost office, and the student services office on all campuses. The forms are also available online at http://pjcnet and