Nursing graduates attend annual Pinning Ceremony

Nursing graduates attend annual Pinning Ceremony
By: Madeline Hicks

The annual nurse pinning ceremony accredited 20 nursing graduates at Brownsville Church July 30.  

Dean of Health Sciences, Dr. Sluder, congratulated the students and gave recognition to the professors who led the way. 

PSC President Dr. Ed Meadows highlighted the peculiarity of the circumstances in light of COVID-19. “The field that you’re entering is a different world than a year ago,

“I would like to commend all the parents, family members, and spouses and children that were able to celebrate one of the most significant events that can occur for nurses, and that is this pinning,” Meadows said. 

Herbert Wall, Chair of the District Board of Trustees, commented on the massive feat it was to have the chance to attend this event in lieu of the global struggles. 

“To be able to complete your course of study with all of the difficulties is truly an amazing event and a tribute to your dedication,” Wall said. 

The ceremony continued as Nursing Professor Ameira Al-Mutairi called each up. The graduates emerged from behind a curtain as each of their names were called, picking up a pin and lantern on the way, removing their masks for a photo. 

Then the students faced the crowd, pinned themselves and lit their lanterns. 

Mutairi read aloud the Nightingale Speech, an oath derived from the work of Florence Nightingale, that sealed the nurses’ vow to care for every patient they meet, with no bias whatsoever.