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Matt Leight- The Corsair

Cheers to the “Power of Ten”! For it will be on October 10th, 2010 that fans of the number ten will unite.
A similar numerical pattern has occurred for the past 9 years and will again for the next two. There was 01/01/01, 02/02/02, etc., and this phenomenon will continue to occur until 12/12/12. After that, according to conspiracy theorists and some “academics”, only the Mayans have foreseen what will occur next. However, there is something unique about this year in particular.

One, 10/10/10 is being seen as possibly the most popular wedding date in at least the previous 10 years. This is attributed to both the novelty and the apparent “metaphysics” behind the number 10. According to the Tampa Bay Examiner, “10 has great significance in the theories of new beginnings. There are 10 lunar cycles between conception and birth. 10 represents the end of an era and the promise of great change coming in the future.”

In addition to more weddings being on the docket, this day is being seen by many as little more than another excuse to have a good time. Festivals will be held the across the Globe. Festivals have been planned to celebrate subject matter ranging from music, film and art to balloons and beer.

However, the most overt response has come from the international environmental community. Concerned citizens will be assembling in their respective regions on 10/10/10. It has been seen as the perfect day to showcase the environment’s offerings and what must be done to preserve these characteristics. A feature website on the topic,, has been one of the loudest voices leading up to this date. According to, on 10/10/10 the planet is getting to work on climate change with an excess of 1700 events in more 140 countries world-wide.

In conjunction with, Ever’man Natural Foods in Downtown Pensacola will be hosting the “10/10/10 Global Work Party.” This fair is being assembled by the Pensacola Grassroots Group Mission Transition. Their goal, as stated on the website, is to show the World that the environmentalist community is committed to reducing emissions by 10 percent this year alone. It will be a “kid-friendly, hands-on, activity-oriented fair to show our community how we can each play a part in reducing our carbon footprint.”

In an interview, Elaine Sargent of Mission Transition said, “the activities will include EcoGames, making sun tea, kid’s yoga and informative exercises in global awareness. In addition, fair-goers will design a large banner that will be held by all at 2:30 p.m.” This banner holding will be photographed and posted on with thousands of others, in an online display of global unity.

Speakers at this event will include environmentalist Christian Wagley, bicyclist Stephen Hyde and writer Susan Feathers.

She insisted that this event is not about politics, but instead humanity and the greater good. She went on to suggest a few simple things that Pensacola State College students could do in their everyday lives to aid our planet. Sargent said,

“Walking more regularly, carpooling, recycling on a consistent basis and using energy efficient lighting, among other steps would improve not only the quality of our lives,” she said, “but that of those in other countries as well.”

Finally, she reiterated that this event is not solely for “treehuggers” and “leftists,” but for the Greater Pensacola Area as a whole. Sargent said, “coffee bean sack races hold no political affiliation and community solidarity alone has never been known to hurt a ‘soul’.”

Young people in the area, such as PSC students, are especially encouraged to come out and assimilate with each other, relishing the differences that make humanity unique. That being said, permission has been given to party like it’s 10/10/10!