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Pick-a-bowl for Manna Food Bank


Nicholas Alford - The Corsair
Nicholas Alford - The Corsair

Pensacola State College’s art department teamed up with Manna Food Bank Friday, Nov 13 for a charity event deemed “Pick a Bowl for Manna.” Bowls made by students in the art program prior to the event were sold for $25 each with the proceeds going to Manna’s long standing motto to “Leave no one unfed.” The event was free for all to attend and was catered with donated food and beverages from Apple Market Foods. Patron donations and sales exceeded $4000.

The event took place at the Anna Lamer Switzer center and featured a faculty art show as well as a performance by the Pensacola State Jazz Ensemble. Apple Market provided hors d’oeuvres, wine and beer, and bottled water for underage patrons.

“It’s a good time,” Krist Lien, director of the art department said. “This is the fourth time we’ve done this and it really helps raise awareness of Manna.”

The first three years this event took place, it was called “Throw a Bowl for Manna,” where people had the opportunity to throw a bowl at the potter’s wheel and try their hand at pottery making, assisted by Pensacola State art faculty and students.

“It was so successful,” Lien said, “that by the third time we had over 500 people come.”

It was at that time they decided to sell pre-made pottery for the charity instead of having people make pottery themselves. The event featured Pensacola State students making pottery at the pottery wheels for patrons to observe.

Manna is a network of food pantries where families in need can go to pick up a supply of groceries. Tim Evans, executive director of Manna said, “It’s no cost for the people who come in. We’re here for the bump in the road. It’s just something to help them get over the hump and hopefully, back on their feet.”

For more information about Manna Food Pantries: http://mannafoodpantries.org

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