Pirate pantry seeks non-perishables

Pirate pantry seeks non-perishables

by Hannah Mooers

The Pensacola State College (PSC) Pirate Food Pantry is in immediate need of donations. With COVID-19 causing new hardships in the pirate community, giving to the Pirate Food Pantry has never been so crucial.

Since the pantry’s reopening two years ago, spearheaded by MaKenzie Johnson, Student Engagement & Leadership Coordinator, it has served as a quiet beacon. The pirate pantry is there to lend a helping hand to any PSC student in need.

 Food insecurity can be a looming threat to any college student’s success. “We hope to provide students with food security so they cannot only compete but thrive in their program without worrying about food,” Johnson said.

 If you are able, now is the time to give back by lending a helping hand to PSC’s pirate pantry. The Pirate Food Pantry accepts all non-perishable food items such as pasta, instant potatoes, boxed milk (the one you don’t have to refrigerate), mac-n-cheese and ramen noodles. Optimal items consist of anything that can be made easily in the student center or in a microwave.

Next time you go shopping, consider adding an extra item or two of the needed food items to your cart, and then drop them off the next time you are on campus. Even one food item donated makes a difference.

Use this downtime during lockdown to organize your pantry and consider donating excess, un-expired cans, or other unopened non-perishables. 

Ask your teachers if you could earn extra credit by donating to PSC’s food pantry. Explain the need for donations in the PSC community and that this is an opportunity to bring students together and spread positivity.

If you are unable to make a physical donation, consider making a monetary contribution or spreading the word through social media.

The Pirate Food Pantry depends on donations.  “ If we don’t receive donations we have to limit the number of supplies each student receives and worst-case scenario, if we run out of food all together we have to close the pantry,” Johnson said.

For students in need, food pantries are available on a once a month basis at the Milton, Pensacola, South Santa Rosa, Century, and Warrington Campuses. A current student ID is required. The Pirate Food Pantry locations have varying hours and if those can not be made to work for a pickup, an appointment can be made.

For more information on pick up or donation drop off, contact student activities at  studentactivities@pensacolastate.edu or 850-484-1503,  or contact MaKenzie Johnson at 850-484-4834.