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Kristen Bailey

Published: November 9, 2005

The only thing better than lounging around PJC’s student center eating pizza, is lounging around the student center eating pizza for a cause.

The PJC Zookeepers club provided students an opportunity to purchase pizza for a cause, Oct. 31 and Nov.1 in the student center.

Selling the pizza donated by Georgios pizza, the Zookeepers Club raised money for two different organizations: the Audobon Institutes and the Escarosa Greyhound Adoption program.

“In the Audobon Institutes, there are four areas damaged by Katrina,” Club president James Fernandez explained.

“Their main income is the people. Now they have no way to support their animals.”

Club member Tenielle Welch emphasized the funds going to help the Audobon with “anything from trees down to damaged buildings, and escaped or injured animals.”

The second day of fundraising went towards a more local program.

“Today we’re raising money for Escarosa Greyhound adoption. It’s all the retired greyhounds that don’t have a place to go. Escarosa trys to get them homes,” said Fernandez.

Overall, the Zookeepers seemed happy with their turnout.

“It’s been ok for the first time,” said Welch.

Fernandez seemed thankful and hopeful for upcoming events.