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Katie Coseo

Published: October 29, 2008

PJC Board of Trustees, along with PJC president, Dr. Ed Meadows, were called into session at 4:30 p.m. on Oct. 21 at the McMillan Auditorium on the Warrington campus.

Dr. Gonzalez, interim vice president for instructional affairs, presented two articulation agreements for board approval – with the University of West Florida and with the Victory Performing Arts Academy.

“These agreements offer more value to the programs at Pensacola Junior College,” board member Vincent Andry said.

Land buying for the health services program was also approved.

“Public health services programs which include fire science, police academy, driving range, firing range and a fire tower,” said Dr. Williams.

The land is out in the woods, which is necessary for these service programs. Dr. Williams also explained that the college was in a partnership with the county, “to get those facilities out there.”

The issue of 29 nursing students failing finals in a compressed course was brought to the Board’s attention. The course has a history of roughly a 10-15 percent, about 20 to 30 students, failure rate. As a compressed course 6 to 8 weeks long, it meets the state and nursing board guidelines. However, the course will be reevaluated, because of complaints from students.

More changes for the LRC construction on the Pensacola campus were also approved along with the extra money needed to cover the cost of the changes.

“They are requiring we eat the cost of that change,” said Mr. Andry, chairman of the board.

The state economy is going down, the financial needs for the college are climbing as student enrollment continues to increase each year.

Faculty and guests made presentations to the Board of Trustees. One presentation was by the Escambia Dental Cooperation, a dental hygiene clinic created at the Warrington campus in Building 3100 for the dental assisting programs. The clinic helps various clients who do no have dental insurance and are in poverty. Many of these clients are referred from Sacred Heart and other medical clinics who have patients with oral pain and dental emergencies. The clinic has volunteer dentists and is part of the dental assisting programs clinical rotations. The clinic’s success has increased since its creation in 2006.

“We’re easy going, it’s a stress-free environment,” said Anne Babadelias, the Escambia Dental Cooperation program manager. Meadows made announcements congratulating several PJC groups, including the volleyball team who will be competing at the state level, The Corsair for winning the General Excellence award and  other awards from the FCCPA, also to student athletes who are participating in community service.

“It makes sure our students know what it is to give back to the community,” Meadows said.

The meeting continued until 6:30 and guests enjoyed various foods and refreshments that were provided to them by the FACC. The meeting ended with many of the items on the board passed for approval.

Charlotte Sweeney gave opening introductions, and Dr. Marsha Williams of WSRE made announcements  two Emmy nominations and the Award for Excellence for Warrington’s simulation lab.

Budget affair actions were all approved including a special request item of having alcohol available at certain events, most likely events off campus.

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