PJC upgrades in cell phone technology

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Julie Simmons

Between classes, school activities, jobs, and other responsibilities students are not to be able to check their Pirate Mail, so PJC came up with the latest cure, check your cell phones, it’s “Pirate Mobile.”

The Vice President for Student Affairs, James Martin, understands the lack of extra time students have, and is working toward freeing up some of their time by starting the program.

“We are trying to do everything in the staff’s power here at PJC to make the student’s college experience the best possible, and also make the college able to function on urgent changes with all communications available,” said Martin.

The program will be a text messaging service, which will soon be available to the PJC community. Students will utilize it for urgent messages needed to be distributed to members on the campus, in a timely basis.

“There are a lot of new and upcoming technologies and ways to use them in everyday life. I am glad our college is trying to be pro-active with upcoming technologies,” said Tim Hooks, student.

For the students, this program will be optional on signing up. There will be no cost to individuals who sign up for “Pirate Mobile,” other than what personal cell phone carriers charge for text messaging services. This program will not replace the Pirate Mail, but will be used for imperative messaging.

For more information and directions on how to sign up, check the latest updates on ecorsair.com.