Popular Halloween Costumes of 2013

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Popular Halloween Costumes of 2013

By Alexis Lugo

Children are no longer the only members of the family participating in trick-or-treating. According to Daniel Cotton, a shift supervisor at Spirit Halloween, parents have been joining their kids in dressing up and sporting the Halloween spirit.

People of all ages are hunting for the perfect Halloween costume.

“The age group we see the most is anywhere between 20 and 40,” said Cotton. “A lot of kids come in here, but it’s always with their parents who search for costumes as well.”

There were three popular costume selections for this year’s Halloween season. The Miley Cyrus costume was especially popular among the adults; however, superhero and witch costumes seemed to grab the attention of the younger population.

“Superheroes are getting really big, which I’m thankful for,” Cotton said. “My personal favorite is Iron Man.”

Based on their popularity in television shows and movies, werewolf and vampire costumes have been stripped off of the racks.

“Teenagers really like the vampires and werewolves a lot this year. We sell out of those quick,” Cotton said. “Witch costumes are also quite popular among women.”

While some parents have grown out of the Halloween spirit, others are suiting up and joining their kids in the search of the best candy in the neighborhood.

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Photos by Brianne Kuhnhausen

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