PSC captures, preserves memories with time capsules

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PSC captures, preserves memories with time capsules
Pensacola State College (PSC) celebrates their past by pouring some of its contents into a vault. The time capsule at the Menge Clock Tower celebrates its twentieth anniversary. (Photo by Sarah Richards)

By Sarah Richards

          Pensacola State College (PSC) has celebrated other anniversaries with cake and ribbon cuttings, and sometimes, with something as timeless as a time capsule.
          There are two on campus. One is in the Baroco building (also known as the science building), which was placed there when it was built. The other capsule is in the M. J. Menge Bell Tower, which was put there when it was built in 1998, set to be opened in 2048.
          “We’ll probably do a new time capsule in Building 1,” Dr. Edward Meadows, President of PSC, said. Possible inclusions are newspapers and magazines pertaining to Pensacola, a picture of the faculty and staff, and student activities—basically, “a pictorial of all the highlights of the year.”
          Some things will be left in the capsule to carry over, preserving the memories for another fifty years.
          “I imagine there’ll be a lot of activities surrounding the content of the time capsule…there may be panel discussions about then vs. now, or then vs. then,” Meadows said.
          The contents of future capsules may be altogether different. “By that time, it may not actually be the actual things themselves, but simply a rendering of those electronically.”
          Furthermore, “They might even be able to perfect the holograms, where you actually have who the President and Board of Trustees are, and they may actually record them talking about Pensacola State College in 3-D fashion; then when they open it up fifty years later, they can actually see those people like on Star Wars.”
          The capsule is “something to look forward to,” and is “another way for the institution to be celebrating another milestone,” Meadows said.