PSC Faculty Vote No Confidence in President

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by Spenser Garber

On 20 November, the faculty of PSC voted no confidence in President Meadows. Out of the 193 faculty members, 133 voted. 125 of these members voted no confidence, 7 voted confidence, and one member abstained.

The ballot’s concerns included the following:

(1) a “culture of fear, intimidation and reprisal”;
(2) cronyism in hiring and appointment practices that suppress shared governance;
(3) disregard of the terms and conditions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA);
(4) poor funding allocations which negatively impact student learning;
(5) attempts to “suppress the constitutionally guaranteed freedoms of speech and press of Pensacola State College’s faculty, staff and students.”

In the press release, it was stated that never before in Pensacola State’s College’s 65-year history have faculty initiated a vote of No Confidence.

After the notification went out about the No Confidence vote, the Board of Trustees issued a statement expressing their full support in the college administration.

In response to the No Confidence vote, Meadows said “Though the recent vote of no confidence secured by leaders of the faculty union was a disappointment, given the current state of contract negotiations it was not unexpected.”