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PSC: Pretty Sensational College

By Grant Bridges

The average day attending college is quite monotonous: go to class, eat lunch and do some homework. Eventually, this grind gets very old. However, this entire formula changes during PSC’s spirit week.

The college offers silly events and fun activities throughout the week that inspire a great attitude for school and a fantastic way to incentivize students to stay motivated through the semester.

Lucky for me, I had the great opportunity to do one of these silly activities.

For our reporting class we had the chance to do the scavenger hunt they have for spirit week. Through this adventure, Jaylen Harrell, Sean Philson and I trotted through the PSC campus, laughing and discovering new landmarks on our campus that we had no clue existed.

Throughout the scavenger hunt, we ran into people that we knew on campus, we joked with faculty and staff, and we even made Jaylen bust out some of the worst dance moves I’ve ever seen in my life.  I honestly had no idea that people still used the robot and sprinkler dance moves.

Regardless it made the entire group laugh and Jaylen could not have been a better sport about it. We continued on our journey and explored the rest of campus while gaining scavenger points and getting competitive with our fellow groups.

These experiences brought us closer together and made us feel good about our school.

In a time littered with school riots or school lockdowns, it was amazing to feel home in my institution of learning. I believe that this is why PSC really hit a home run with this spirit week.

Students can still learn and function normally, but now with a twist.

With the costume contest happening throughout the spirit week, students had plenty of creative twists. That is not to mention that the winner of this costume contest won a pair of Hangout Fest tickets. Winning tickets to a much coveted musical festival that takes place right around the corner is a pretty amazing excuse to build school spirit.

That is why events like these are important. With other bigger universities in our neighborhood, it is easy to feel like this school becomes overshadowed by our bigger cousin. Events like this scavenger hunt or costume contest show us otherwise.

We need school spirit; it helps with everything that happens on these school grounds. Feeling a sense of belonging is important to anywhere you go, and PSC’s spirit week is exactly what will help offer students a sense of belonging.

While learning is the uttermost objective at PSC, that objective is achieved better with a sense of camaraderie and friendship.

This spirit week builds a wonderful sense of both, and I’m proud of my school to take time for the students.