PSC’s Kilgore Review is opened for submissions

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PSC’s Kilgore Review is opened for submissions

by Micayla O’Malley

The Kilgore, PSC’s student-run literary journal, is now accepting submissions for poetry, short fiction, photography, and art for their spring issue. The drop box will be open until March 1st for anyone looking to get their work published.

Submitting work for consideration in the issue provides a unique opportunity to receive recognition, according to Rebekah Constance, the lead student editor, since the Kilgore is operated fully by students, for students.

Constance clarified the submission process by saying that entries are accepted from all students, and there is no limit on the categories or works entered. Anyone seeking to enter simply needs to scan the QR code on their flyer or upload directly to the Kilgore’s link. All entries will be reviewed and edited by volunteer students, under the advising of Professor Sara Smith, an English and Communications faculty member. 

Kilgore books are released once a year and are generally published during the spring semester. Photography and art are interspersed throughout the written works, which include both poetry and short fiction. The short fiction is up to 2,000 words and encompasses a wide variety of genres. 

The books are released over the entirety of PSC and celebrated through surrounding areas. Unlike the other literary journal by PSC, the Hurricane Review, which accepts entries from across the world, the Kilgore is a chance to be seen with other PSC students and represent the school.

Constance, the lead student editor, recommends that a great way to gauge the themes and desired entries is to read previous issues. The publications are completely free and can be found in all campus libraries. 

Constance also encourages others to get involved include volunteering as an editor for the Kilgore. They are currently accepting more volunteers for the review and revision processes with the publication, which spans the procedure of taking the raw submissions and creating the full journal by their spring release date. The Lit club is also closely involved with the Kilgore publication, and they meet on Thursdays at 3:00 building 4, room 466L. 

For more information about the journal, email Professor Sara Smith at or visit the English Department in building 4.