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The Hood Internet! Free album!

Raymond Knott.


The Hood Internet’s first official album is up via Mishka NYC, and I must say I am so eager to crack into this. These guys are two of my favorite mashup artists circling the blogosphere, and they’re always buzzworthy.

Outside of that, these two have been here twice in the last year, once last year at Vinyl Music Hall for one of its first shows, and just a few months ago for De Luna Fest, so it’s likely we’ll be seeing these boys around here soon. With huge acts like Das Racist, Aesop Rock, Cadence Weapon, Tobacco,  A Place to Bury Strangers, and tons more, this is sure to get you through that finals week with some high energy mashups.

Eternally relevant, this album cover is made entirely out of Taco Bell tacos, which anyone living on a Pell Grant budget should be all too familiar with, and the embedded video shows the adorable story of how that came to be. Check it while you’re waiting for the download to finish for a taste of what’s in store.  Grab it, it’s free, you’ll be showing these guys some love, and you definitely won’t regret it.

Download the album here!

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