Rebekah Bydlak speaks at PSC

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Rebekah Bydlak speaks at PSC
Rebekah Bydlak speaks at PSC’s Hagler Auditorium about working in the government and how to make changes in the world. Bydlak explains that to work for the government you have to find your why. “Beyond all the petty drama involved with politics, one thing that’s more important than anything else…is it’s about trying to stop the government from ruining people’s lives. For me, that’s my why…What’s your why? And what do you want to do? And why do you care so much?”

By Mae Flener

           Former Florida House candidate and PSC alum Rebekah Bydlak made an appearance Tuesday afternoon as part of the Students for Liberty’s “Spotlight on Local” series. The event was put together by the chairman of Students for Liberty, Daniel Palmer.
          Bydlak came into the auditorium of her alma mater to give a presentation on how to get involved with government activism. Bydlak has grown up around politics all her life; Her fifth great-grandfather was part of the deal to get Florida from Spain.
          Bydlak was also homeschooled during the nineties, which  was heavily regulated at the time, so she dealt with politics even as a child. “I was always obnoxiously political,” Bydlak said.
          “I was involved in the speech association [at PSC]…in things like the criminal justice society. It was a personal way of seeing how government policy affects people,” Bydlak said.
          “Just try to stay as involved as possible,”  Bydlak said about her plans for the future.
          When her presentation started, she discussed how to get involved in activism for people who may want to change the world. Bydlak explained that sometimes you do not always win, as she herself knows. “So [the] elephant in the room, I just lost a race for State House, and it sucks. But if you are going to get involved and change the world, you are going to lose sometimes…”
          Bydlak closed the presentation with a few final words of wisdom: “You are never too young  to make a difference…You will start hearing that ‘You’re too young. Go check this box. Go check that box. And come back, and try again.’ Do it anyway.”
          Students for Liberty will be continuing this series for people who are interested.  They already have a few speakers scheduled once a month through January 2019. An upcoming event will include speaker Bill Fetke on December 6th.