Red Priest Baroque Quartet Energizes the Ashmore

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BEN HOLCOMB – The Corsair

Imaginative, zany, different, and unique all describe the sights and sounds of the Red Priest Baroque Quartet, which performed at the Ashmore Fine Arts Center Auditorium on Oct. 21.

Michael Holcomb a former Pensacola State College student and music critic said, “it’s Mick Jagger meets Bach meets Broadway, a blend that is second to none.”

The Red Priest Baroque quartet has for the last thirteen years been brewing up an exclusive mix of old with the new. The quartet is an acoustic foursome who makes use of scene props, frilly costumes, dramatic lighting and other effects to create their interesting theatrical

rock and roll style. The quartet plays its own arrangements while staying true to the original music to make it more of a twist than a cover of the work.

Pensacola State student Nick Kaelbli said, “I hate classical music but love rock and alternative music. This is a unique blend.  I’m surprised they’re not famous.”

The Red Priest Baroque Quartet has released several albums, including “Johann I’m only Dancing,” “Nightmare in Venice,” “Priest on the Run” and “Pirates of the Baroque.”  They derive their name from composer Antonio Vivaldi, an Italian priest and composer.

Julie Bishop, the Violinist for the quartet said, “How did we get started? I couldn’t say exactly. We all had different styles and were stubborn. Originally there were eleven of us, you know.  We couldn’t agree on much, but I think we got it right in the end.”

The quartet’s latest album, “Johann I’m only dancing,” came out in March this year and is doing well, exceeding previous sales in both tickets and attendance to shows.