Regarding Last Sunday

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The following won first  place in the Poetry division of the Walter Spara Writing Contest sponsored by the Department of English and Communications in the spring semester, 2012.

by Lauren Massey


Regarding Last Sunday


When we watched that horse die,

I had a better view than you did.

I could see him kick back, stumble, and collapse

into the redness of the stable floor.

I could see him struggle back onto his feet,

only to meet the dirt harder the second time.

I could see him writhing, choking

on the air he polluted with rising dust.

I could see his rider– the girl who’d lost

another horse earlier in the year,

the girl who’d ridden this one intensely

and masterfully and left the arena

smiling on his back only minutes before–

fall like a sinner beside him and cradle his head and sob.

I could see him sprawl out and finally lie still.


You could see only glimpses of this

behind the weather-beaten cement column in front of the stable

that obstructed your view,

and when all the men took off their hats you turned

and asked me what happened.