Ricky Montgomery faces trauma in Sorry for Me

Ricky Montgomery faces trauma in Sorry for Me

By Sebastian Gordon

Ricky Montgomery is an American Indie pop musician and songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. He currently has twenty-two released songs across the span of eight albums. 

On October 15th, 2021, Montgomery released “Sorry for Me.” Along with this new song, he posted a music video on his YouTube channel.

Many listeners have resonated with this song, especially individuals who have dealt with nontraditional family scenarios. “This song makes me feel something completely original. There isn’t a Ricky Montgomery song I don’t like. This song is beautiful,” writes Valeria Ortiz. 

In the song, Sorry for Me, Montgomery discusses the trauma he faced with his abusive stepfather who was arrested in 2012. He goes into more detail about his shocking home situation and  shows the reality of “running away from your problems.” 

One line says, “Goodbye dear stepfather… I punch my fist right through the wall,” which truly encompasses the anger that Montogomery had towards this person who ruined his younger life. Another lyric says, “Do you think it would make you sad? Whatcha think? Do you think it would make you sorry,” which, personally, seems like a response of wanting to forgive someone who hurt you but knowing they aren’t remorseful. 

The music video is a cartoon retelling of the story conveyed in the lyrics. The art style is very unique, and in a way, the format displays the messiness of the past. 

The video starts with a police car taking Montgomery’s stepfather away and then shows Montgomery punching a hole in his wall. Next, the animation shows Montogomery packing his things to leave while his mother and sister cry downstairs. The rest of the video is flashback moments while he drives to California. 

One specific scene shows a sign that says, “Saw you again. Give our sweet dog the finger,” which, in a way, shows how Montogomery feels about the toxic relationship he had with his family and why he had to detach himself from that. 

The song itself is beautifully written. The instrumentals and vocals combine  to make an alluring sound that draws in the listener. 

Once again, audience members have connected with Montogomery’s past and relate to the damages they endured with family. Strangers lifted each other up and shared stories in the comment section of his video. 

Montgomery has created a strong community with overflowing love and support. Fans constantly comfort and help each other overcome hard times. 

This song is mainly up to interpretation, and individuals can take a lot of different meanings out of it. An online user writes, “This song is so beautiful. I had chills throughout my entire body. You never fail to make me feel in an alternate reality while listening to your music. Thank you, Ricky for supplying us with your masterpieces.”

Frida Colmenero says, “Ricky deserves so much recognition. He makes healing music. Although it breaks my heart most of the time, I don’t care; it also makes me feel like everything’s gonna be alright.”

I recommend watching the music video and listening to some of his previously released music. Overall, I give “Sorry for Me” a 9.5/10.  The song is amazing and incredibly well written. Ricky Montogomery has created another masterpiece along with the stunning visuals from the music video.