Ricky Montgomery’s Talk to You

Ricky Montgomery’s Talk to You

by Sebastian Gordon

Ricky Montgomery is an American Indie pop musician and songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. He currently has twenty-two released songs across the span of eight albums. 

On June 24th, 2021, Montgomery released “Talk to You,” his first song in five years. Along with this new song, he posted a music video on his YouTube channel.

This song has been relatable to many listeners. “Self-sabotaging behavior can cause you to become isolated from friends and family, and Montgomery hopes to shed light on this topic in ‘Talk to You,” writes Augusta Battoclette

In the song, Talk to You, Montgomery discusses the idea of losing someone close (whether platonic or romantic). He talks about the feeling of wanting to talk to them but not knowing where they are in relation to his own life. 

The music video depicts a  “Frankenstein” like story. Montgomery’s visual story implies that the character he is singing about is a father figure. There are scenes set at the dinner table throughout the music video and playing baseball with his “dad.” 

Some scenes show them boxing, performing a magic show, riding a rollercoaster, and watching a movie. Then the character playing his father also says, “ready son?” in one part of the video. There is also a moment where his “dad” walks away and is surrounded by smoke as Montgomery chases after him to no avail. 

The video and song are very comforting and composed wonderfully. It is easy to connect with a lot of his music.

It is nice to see strangers experiencing similar scenarios supporting each other. There is an abundant amount of love in Ricky Montogomery’s community of fans. It is nice to see strangers experiencing similar scenarios supporting each other.

This song is mainly up to interpretation; however, the main idea is about feeling disconnected. Considering the comment section is full of people binding together and fighting hard scenarios, this is ironic. 

Fans have speculated that this song is a direct reference to Montogomery’s late father. In a tweet from 2019, Montogomery writes, “10 years ago today, my dad took his own life. I was 15; my sister was 13. It still affects every part of my life. When you go through complex trauma, you quickly learn that there are next to zero resources for kids in those situations. You grow up too fast, and yet you’re stunted.”

Many comments thank Montogomery’s openness and tell stories of how they can relate to the song. One commenter even wrote, “I sent this to my dad, and he really doesn’t like listening to the music these days since it’s all about inappropriate stuff,  but he really liked this song, and it reminds him of me wanting to talk to him but I can’t since I’m mute,” which Montogomery personally liked. 

Another commenter said, “I can’t explain how much this song means to me right now, especially from my favorite artist. I lost one of my closest sisters and my dad this year, and this song definitely made me shed a few tears for them. I love them and this song so much.”

I recommend watching the music video and listening to some of his previously released music. Overall, I give “Talk to You” a 9.5/10.  The song is beautiful and incredibly well written. Ricky Montogomery has created another alluring piece of art along with the stunning visuals from the music video.