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Ashley Carter

Published: November 9, 2005

Saw II is a continuation of the previous movie Saw, in which a “jigsaw” serial killer traps his victims in extraordinary circumstances where they have to figure out a puzzle that they’ve been put in to save themselves from a horrible death.

This continuation follows basically the same kind of plotline as the first movie’s pattern, but jigsaw has finally decided to come out to play this time. The movie slits between the victims and the serial killer’s reasons behind his torture techniques.

The setting of the film is based in an old abandoned house that has been barricaded shut. This is where they have to search for an antidote that will keep them alive, but which one of the characters will get which antidote?

One of the characters in this particular situation will be a familiar face to the viewers that witnessed the first movie. Shawnee Smith played the character known as Amanda in both movies, but in the first one she can be recognized as the girl that almost got her jaws ripped open.

This movie was full of high thrilling suspense that makes you want to close your eyes and grab whoever is next to you. The previews for this movie said that there will be blood, and they were absolutely correct. There were plenty of gory blood scenes for all of those cult classic fans to enjoy. The movie also gave a shorter time frame for the Jigsaws guest to escape their impending doom.

Jigsaw is finally revealed and so is his story as he eggs on the police swat team that has been sent to take him down. You see this serial killer won’t let anyone have the upper advantage, he decides to let them know that he’s holding more of the cards than they think.

The movie faded so fast from my memory that I barely thought about it by the time I got to my vehicle. This is a great indication that it won’t make the list for favorite classics.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked the movie, but not enough to spend any money on it again. I say wait till it comes out on DVD.

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