Selfish Souls

Selfish Souls

Isaiah Grant
The Corsair

Say summertime is approaching and you decide to go job hunting to pay off your student loans, the rent, the car note, etc.; you land a job and you make good progress, becoming employee of the month, pleasing your customers, and earning a raise. Do you realize that you work, not to display your good work ethic or satisfy your customers, but for your own selfishness in trying to support yourself?

You’re an egoist when you do an action for your own satisfaction.  I learned about egoism and other ethical theories in Ethics class last semester. In the course you learn about the science of human living and the ways humans could act in situations.

Here’s an example of egoism – the reason you may go to college is because you want to earn a degree to land a handsome job; you can call going to college acting out of your own selfishness. Another example is that you may become an entertainer because you want to showcase to the world your talents and get paid billions of dollars.

I neither accept nor reject the ethical theory, but I feel that people are motivated into doing things that please themselves and maximizes their own good.