Spring break just isn’t the same

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Amber Burse

The Corsair

Spring break is supposed to be an exciting time for students to relax and take a much needed mini-vacation away from doing school work.

However, for spring-breakers, not much traveling was done this year. I polled thirty-two students and only one had plans to leave Pensacola for spring break. Most of the students said that they were working to earn extra money or just did not have the money to travel.

Nursing student Evelyn Powe said, “I will be fishing with family on a lake with a log cabin for a full ten days.”

Unfortunately, the American culture is changing for many springbreakers and everyone alike. These spring break days seem to be slipping away from us. Everyone will just have to adjust to the new way of life with the cost of living steadily on the rise.

Thanks to the high cost of gas and an enormous amount of unemployment, limitations are being set for family vacations and holiday travels. Sadly spring break will just be a mere memory for most of us.