Stop premature Christmas decorating

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Stop premature Christmas decorating

By Mae Flener

          It’s late August, and when you walk into Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, the first few rows you see are normal crafting rows; the next few rows over, you let out a sigh of dread. It’s Christmas time at the craft stores. Christmas in mid-August?  
          You drive down the street in your neighborhood, getting home after your busy day. It’s the week after Halloween and inevitably all the Halloween decorations are put away. But lo and behold, someone in the neighborhood is putting up Christmas lights. Christmas decorations in early November?
          We have seen these images. Christmas is getting earlier and earlier each year. The moment Thanksgiving is over, Christmas music plays non-stop on at least every other radio station. My mother swears she saw the Christmas Hershey’s kiss commercial come on television in mid-September.
          I think the general consensus is “Don’t do it! Stop decorating so early!” But still there are those few crazy people that just cannot wait to get their decorations up weeks- sometimes months- before Christmas is even a concern for most people.

         So what do we do about these early decorators? We could start a riot! Everyone who hates early decorating could come together and protest these crazy early celebrators.
          Or we could do nothing. We grumble “Bah humbug!” under our breath and continue with our day. Let people enjoy the things that make them happy. Even if it means decorating way too early.
          However, despite my insistence to be nice to people, I still insist on waiting at least until the second week of December to decorate. Do not rush the holidays. To rush the holidays is to rush the end of the year. Trust me, the years do not need to go by any faster than they already are.
          So to all you early Christmas decorators out there, do us all a favor and wait just a little bit longer before giving your neighbors that sense of anxiety and dread before the next holiday rush.
          This advice was brought to you by the girl who keeps Halloween decorations up in her house year-round.
          Happy Holidays everyone!