Student Nurses’ Association thrives at Warrington Campus

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Student Nurses’ Association thrives at Warrington Campus

By Rachel Giordano

National Nurses Week, which runs from May 6 to May 12, is a time to acknowledge the hard work and dedication it takes to become a nurse. Nurses contribute enormously to society, but the heavy load and stress that comes with schooling can be challenging.

However, the Student Nurses’ Association (SNA) offers support and the determination to keep going.

Adriana Sutton, Brandon Lauver, and Kathryn Baguette describe their roles as PSC nursing students. (Photo by Omar Forty)

SNA is a type of club that meets once a month. It is a chapter of the Florida Nursing Students’ Association and the National Student Nurses Association. It is a great opportunity to network with other students enrolled in the program and gives them a sense of how to prepare for their chosen field.  

Any student that has declared Pre-Nursing as their major can utilize this organization that proves to be beneficial to any RN student going through the program.

The purpose of SNA is to have an impact on the profession of nursing by working with others to promote changes, scholarships, publications, grant opportunities, and networking. All RN nursing students are automatically members and invited to participate.

“It is helpful to meet people that are a semester or two ahead of you to get a feel for what is helpful for studying and what is less helpful,” Donald Yeo, PSC nursing student said.

PSC nursing student Donald Yeo explains the specifics of the Student Nurses’ Association. (Photo by Omar Forty)

Susan Farthing, the club advisor for SNA said, “We are doing what we can to bring all of the different cohorts and classes together in the nursing program and build some camaraderie and natural mentoring between the students.”

Linda McKay (who teaches Adult Health 3, as well as clinical studies) and Farthing are co-facilitators working hard to get SNA established because of the benefits it provides for students.

“We are trying to get interest developed for more people to participate and show that it does have a benefit to them as nursing students,” McKay said.

Not only is the club beneficial for students, it also offers participation in community service, such as making Mother’s Day and Father’s Day cards for local nursing homes, as well as participation in Coastal Cleanup Day at Pensacola Beach.

SNA can be beneficial to students like Brandon Lauver, Adriana Sutton, and Kathryn Baggett who are currently enrolled in the Intro to Nursing program at the Warrington campus. After they complete the Intro to Nursing program and enter the Pre-Nursing program, SNA will be available to them and can serve as a great tool.

“There is really no way of preparing,” Lauver said about the program.  “It can be super challenging but very rewarding. I believe that anybody can do it as long as you put your mind to it, and anybody thinking about it, just go for it.”

Adriana Sutton said, “Don’t be discouraged and think you cannot do it.”

Students enrolled at the Warrington campus feel as though they are one big team, and SNA offers that type of family support that gives the drive for students to push ahead.

Any student enrolled in the nursing programs who would like more information can contact Susan Farthing at 850-484-2202.


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