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Compensation for College Athletes?

Tim Ajmani The Corsair One of the biggest issues involving the NCAA today is whether or not student athletes should be compensated for their services to their school’s athletic programs. A highly debated subject, the topic has perhaps gained more and more controversy due to recent support by high profile coaches. The NCAA has also...


The best don’t always win – March Madness

Tim Ajmani The Corsair The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is arguably the most exciting three weeks in basketball in America. The upsets. The extraordinary individual performances. Unforgettable games. And… the best team doesn’t always win. In my eyes, this year’s tournament thus far has been the epitome of that statement. I feel that the team...


March Madness – 2012

Tim Ajmani The Corsair The NCAA tournament field for 2012 was announced tonight, and as expected, people all around the United States are filling out sheets of paper with 64 teams on them. Ah, yes! March Madness is here! The most exciting time for College Basketball fans! Let us hope that this year’s National Championship...