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Take a walk, get some Bad Ass food.

By Becca Carlson

Many people already know about on-campus food options yet want alternatives to their mealtime routines. Located within walking distance of Pensacola State College’s Main Campus, Bad Ass Coffee & Shirley’s Deli offers great food, healthy choices, and affordable prices. Not to mention the 100% American grown Kona coffee!

PSC students, such as Jillisa Joseph, say their main concerns when it comes to meal options are proximity and price. Bad Ass is situated directly in front of Building 5 (the Student Center) next to the Textbook Brokers. They serve breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday, from 7 am to 4 pm.

The best part of Bad Ass Coffee & Shirley’s Deli— “Lots of food for a really good price,” said Joseph.

The restaurant sells Angus beef burgers made without fillers. For those watching their carbs, customers have a choice of spinach wraps instead of buns. Gluten free potato chips are also available.

Ask any regular patron and they’ll gladly tell you their favorite menu item. “A chicken salad sandwich. I always get that,” Joseph said.

Kona coffee is another signature item. The coffee beans are grown on the slopes of the Mauna Loa volcano, found on the Big Island of Hawaii. The beans are then shipped to Pensacola while they are still green. To ensure freshness, the beans aren’t roasted until needed at the restaurant.

Coffee drinks include fun names such as Jitter Juice made with Irish cream and dark chocolate. The Oodalolly includes white chocolate, praline, and honey. Kreme de Kona is made with vanilla, white and dark chocolate—this one is the house favorite!

Many of these drinks can be made with sugar-free syrup, or with Almond and Soy milk alternatives. Craft sodas are also popular and made with pure cane sugar—no high fructose corn syrup.

In addition to great proximity and great coffee, customers form a special bond with the employees. “We get to know our customers and learn them by name,” said Angela, an employee at Bad Ass.  “They’re awesome! They are! I love them. These guys brighten up my day. They really do!”

For more information, visit their menu at http://thebadasscoffeecompany.com/BACC/Menu.html. Don’t forget to ask about the Bad Ass Coffee legend!