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Sep 27 2006 12:00AM

Too often, students enter the PJC computer lab with the intent of completing an assignment and are hindered by a room full of MySpace and iTunes.  The computer lab strives to provide a “student friendly environment.”  However their lenience is taken advantage of.  The lab is designed to cater to the busy student and provides a laidback setting for homework. 

The problem is that there is often more recreation than homework going on at a given time.  Lately there are more computers occupied by students using MySpace, playing games, and surfing than those who are actually trying to complete assignments. 

The computer lab has policies that apply to anyone who wishes to use the lab.  Very specifically, these rules state, “Game playing, personal, or business activities are prohibited.” Unfortunately, these very things dominate usage in the computer lab at times. A lot of students do not have a computer at home and rely on the lab to help them through college.

Lab personnel have had these issues on their minds and have imposed changes.  One solution is that the campus now offers wireless access.  Students who have laptops can use them anywhere on campus and are welcome to use the lab for printing. 

Another way that the lab is aiding the overflow in the main lab is the use of unoccupied classrooms. 

Even with these attempts, there is a need to avoid unauthorized usage of PJC computers.  Measures have been taken to prevent downloading of music and games by obstructing the compatibility of software or making these sites inaccessible.  Beginning in January, lab employees hope to have a login system up and running to weed out people and further track the activity on the computers.

The easiest solution is using common courtesy.  PJC computers are available to students to aid their learning process.  With this in mind, enjoy MySpace, Donkey Kong, and Outkast at home.