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By: Timothy Chandler

There seems to be two kinds of people in this world: those with tattoos and those without tattoos and each one of them has their own opinion about getting a permanent marking on their skin.

One of Pensacola State College’s own students, Carly Holmes, a pre-law major, has three tattoos. She got her first, an infinity sign, a year ago for her eighteenth birthday, despite her fathers wishes.

Carly also has angel wings tattooed on her back paired with some inspiring words her beloved grandmother left her: “I will not simply walk but fly with wings of gold.”

On her left calf, she has Chinese calligraphy that translates to “you reap what you sow.”

Carly’s personal belief is that “you should not be judged by the carvings on your body but the character of your heart.”

However, she thinks that people should not get tattoos on their face, neck or hands for professional reasons. Even though they shouldn’t be judged by your tattoos, some employers may look down upon them and could throw their resumes out the window.

Carly said her father does not approve of her expression choice, but it’s something she has wanted for a while and something she felt she needed to do for herself.

So, on her eighteenth birthday with an idea in her head and a little rebellion in her heart, she made that dream come true.

“Oh gosh yeah,” was her response when she was asked if she was going to get any more tattoos.

For her next idea, she wants a sea turtle on her right foot, to express her love for the beach and the ocean.

Despite her father’s uncertainty about tattoos, Carly was able to convince her mother to get two of her own, proving that getting inked is not about age but about ones desire to decorate the canvas they were born with.

A tattoo is a design which is permanently carved in the skin with the help of needles and ink. The word “tattoo” came from the Tahitian term “tatua” which means “to mark.”

This form of art has been used by people of all cultures & countries, for centuries. Even in ancient times decorating the skin with beautiful tattoos was a popular practice, but in the United States, tattoo have recently gained popularity, especially for those who hold a dear story to their heart and are not afraid to express themselves.