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By Michael Rutschky

Published on January 8, 2008

<b>12/05/07:</b>  After a long road trip through central Florida, the Corsair crew arrived in Titusville.  Excitement grew for the young journalists as they discovered a view of Kennedy Space Center across the river from their hotel rooms.

<b>12/06/07:</b>  On the day of the launch two engine cut-off sensors in the Liquid Hydrogen tank had failed a simulated test, leading mission managers to postpone, or “scrub” the launch.  At first the launch was to be moved back 24 hours, but then the delay was extended to 48 hours later that night.

<b>12/07/07:</b>  Having an off day, the Corsair crew decided to try out the Kennedy Space Center Visitor’s Complex, a theme park with many Space Shuttle attractions.  For most civilians the Visitors Complex is as close to NASA as they will ever get without a Press badge.

<b>12/08/07:</b>  Two days after the originaly intended day of launch, tests of the ECO sensors in the LH2 tank of Space Shuttle Atlantis continued to show unfavorable results, and mission managers decided to move the launch back another day.

<b>12/09/07:</b>  After continuous electronic malfunctions, NASA has decided to not only cancel another scheduled launch, but to give up on the December launch window altogether.

<b>12/10/07:</b>  Homesick and heart broken, the Corsair crew packed up their bags and made the tedious 10-hour trek back to Pensacola.  Perhaps January will be more fortuitous.

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