The Domino Effect

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Ashley Carter

Published: October 26, 2005

The movie “Domino” starring Keira Knightley is based on a true story of the daughter of a Hollywood actor and a Ford agency model rejecting her Beverly Hills lifestyle to become a bounty hunter. The facts of the story’s truth have been skewed to combine reality with entertainment.

Domino is an action packed, psychological thriller that follows Keira Knightley with her squad of bounty hunters on a mission to take down a group of criminals, while all the while their escapades are being filmed for a TV show commission by the WB.

Things go wrong as much as they can as Domino is forced to recall the events to an F.B.I. agent, Taren Mills played by Lucy Liu. This is controlled in a storyline that flashes back to scenes of the events when they occurred.

Other cast stars include Mickey Rourke as Ed, Edgar Ramirez as Choco, and Mo’nique as Lateesha, who creates continuous problems throughout the entire movie. She acts as the comedic relief and doubles as the contributor of the situation Domino and her bounty hunting squad encounters. Domino’s Kiera Knightley is the narrator and helps bring the viewer into how she perceives the world around her.

The action scenes are extremely high impact, and the special effects are accurate to the point of insanity. ÿThis movie was severely bloody and nerve wrenching. There wereÿplenty of guns, violence, and drugs for those who like it, as well as having a hint of a love story with sexual contact for those who don’t. Also, the soundtrack to the movie keeps watchers on their seat with a fast set tempo.

This thriller puzzle brings the viewer in, changes the perspective of the plot, and then decides to restructure the whole movie. This technique keeps the watcher interested and on the edge of the seat waiting to see what will happen next. Keira Knightley has really become a great actress; she’s shown us this in the movie. She has become one of Hollywood’s foremost upcoming stars.

Domino was an exciting movie that I thoroughly enjoyed. New Line Cinema knew what they were doing when they signed this film. Everything about the movie came together quite amazingly. I think we can also expect great things from its main actress in the near future.