The other side of Bristol’s life: What he does while off Duty as a Guide Dog

Home Editorial & Opinion The other side of Bristol’s life: What he does while off Duty as a Guide Dog

Since this blog is also about my guide dog Bristol, I would like to share with you some of the fun that he has been having since May of this year. I have been really busy with school this semester and Bristol has had some challenges and adventures of his own.


Bristol has had to go through quite a few changes since May of this year. First of all, Bristol had to overcome massive ear infections. He also had to lose around eight pounds to regain his health. Now he is a totally different dog. He is happier than he was back in May. He can run and play with me and the other dogs in his life.


Speaking of dogs, Bristol has a new roommate now. To add to the chaos of our wolf at home, my sister received her guide dog Beacon back in May. For three months my sister and the new dog were living with us. After a few adjustments, Bristol seems to like Beacon. All three dogs love playing with each other. They will run in and out of the house at top speeds. For my family and I, it is sometimes as if we have three energetic puppies running around us.  


Life in my house seems to never be dull with Bristol and his four-legged roommates around. One or more of them are always doing something to make us laugh. For instance, my sister and Beacon are home for Thanksgiving. Beacon is trying to learn a new trick while he is home for the holiday. He is attempting to walk both Bristol and Thunder, the wolf. Amazingly, both dogs let him get away with it. Even though Bristol loves his job as a guide dog, he also enjoys his time with all of his canine friends.