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Tim Ajmani

The Corsair

One of the first columns that I wrote when I started working for the Corsair last year was about my dislike for people who use their cell phones while driving. Well, I just thought I’d reiterate my frustration with those individuals. Yesterday was a terrible day for those who drove with the way “Mother Nature” was feeling.

Yet, while at a stop light, I see a lady with her phone out apparently texting or web-browsing. Seriously?

Are some people that addicted or attached to their cell phones that they have to sacrifice their focus on driving for a text message? Many people obviously think that. Personally, I keep my cell phone on silent and out of reach when I’m driving so I don’t even get the slightest itch to touch it.

To me, answering a text or looking at a recent Facebook status can wait ten or fifteen minutes; reaching my destination is more important.

And just for good measure, this one lady wasn’t the only person I saw who had their phone out. All in all, I saw five people doing something on their phones while driving. I haven’t experienced a tragedy due to someone being irresponsible while out on the road.

But imagine what a person, whose family member passed away because someone chose to use their phone, must feel whenever they see something like that.

Probably not a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. The cell phone can wait. Don’t use it while driving. Please.