Three-car collision injures four people

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Kristin Martin

Published: Thursday, September 11, 2008

Around noon Sept. 11, three vehicles crashed at the intersection of 12th Avenue and Airport Boulevard.

“The gray car came straight and hit the side of the champagne car, and it just spun it around and hit the front of mine,” said Tina Blackman. “I’m all shaken up.”

Blackman and her daughter were on the way to an orthodontist appointment when the accident happened. They weren’t injured.

However, people from the other two cars were taken away on stretchers. A young boy about 5 years old, an elderly woman and a middle-aged woman in a Mercury were injured. A middle-aged woman in a Nissan was also injured. Officials didn’t give details on the extent of the injuries.

The front of the gray Nissan was dented and the right light was broken. The side of the champagne-colored Mercury Tracer was crushed, windows were shattered and the front fender dangled. The Cadillac Escalade driven by Blackman had minor damage in the front.

A first responder with the Pensacola Fire Department ripped off the right door of the Mercury to remove the elderly woman from the car and onto a stretcher.

Books, plastic bottles, a tennis ball and other items were scattered around the Mercury with an Alabama handicap license plate.

Two fire trucks, three ambulances, three police cars, a police motorcycle and a tow truck were at the scene of the accident while police were directing traffic.