Utilize Canvas for students’ benefit

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Utilize Canvas for students’ benefit


Canvas (eLearning) is is a platform known for making students’ lives a little more organized. The program makes it easy to keep up with our assignments and grades as well as keeping in contact with our fellow classmates and instructors. The best part? It’s free.

Canvas is used for all PSC’s online classes but it is also available for face-to-face classes.

So why don’t all teachers use it?

Content posted on Canvas helps students become more familiar with the class. An outline of the course online would benefit both students and instructors. If someone missed a day of class, he or she would not have to stress out about the material they missed. It would be posted on Canvas.

This would also assure teachers that a student cannot give any excuse for being oblivious to missing work, for students can be notified on Canvas when an assignment is due. Teachers misplacing assignments would no longer be a problem if they were turned in electronically. This would assure teachers that a student cannot give any excuse for missing work.

Grades are a concern for any college student. Students hate not knowing their grades, and teachers hate being asked about a student’s grades. No one likes to live in suspense when it comes to whether or not they will graduate. It is terrifying for students to not be able to see their grade until it is too late.

There is no reason grades should not be listed on Canvas. It would be less stressful for students, and teachers would not be bombarded with emails about grades.

Communication is key to class success. There will be times when students will be unclear on assignments and need help but will be home alone. Students can either risk their grade and do what they think is right on their homework or could just message another student on Canvas.

The connection between students does not need to stay in the classroom and while you could add everyone on your phone, that is extra work and these are also strangers. Would you give your number to someone you barely know? Also, students can ask teachers questions in discussion posts or about studying tips. The classroom is great in person, but it can exist on the web, too.

Canvas is a convenient tool that can be accessed by an app  available in the App Store and the Google Play Store. Teachers and students have constant access to the easy-to-navigate app.  Anything you can do on the Canvas web page you can on the app. Some might even argue that the app is easier to use than the  eLearning site.

Bottom line teachers: Work with students and make Canvas accessible for every class. Canvas is a tool that PSC has to offer, so why not take advantage of it?