Visual Arts faculty collaborates with 1060

Visual Arts faculty collaborates with 1060

by Enrique Viveros

During  July, from the 1st to the 31st, PSC’s Visual Arts faculty and First City Art Center’s Gallery 1060 collaborated on an exhibition showcasing faculties’ art pieces. A reception was held on July 22nd to celebrate the gallery’s first exhibit since COVID. 

Gallery 1060 collaborated with PSC Visual Arts’ gallery earlier this year when over a hundred First City artists showcased their art pieces at the Anna Lamar Switzer Center for Fine Arts. 

“They are a great organization with a lot of passion for the arts. Everyone on their team, led by the director Caitlin Rhea, work productively together in continuing their stamp in Pensacola as a thriving art center, “ said Visual Arts Department Head Alaina Plowdrey.

For this exhibition, seven faculty members showcased their pieces. . Ranging works from photography to illustrations to sculptures. 

Ceramics instructor, Micha Cain, showcased his ceramic cups and plates ranging from a variety of glazes and shapes of vessels. 

Art history instructor and illustrator Julie McGrath showcased illustrations inspired by designers Giambattista Valli and Christian Dior. “ With a profound love of fashion and art, her studies of Valli and Dior bring both worlds together,” McGrath said.

Visual Art’s Department Head, Alaina Plowdrey, showcased one of her paintings named  “Lost Sea.” Plowdrey said, “Long Sea” is an oil painting portrait in profile of a friend with the ocean imposed in her hair.” This painting showcased a theme Plowdrey portrays throughout this series in homage to surrealism.

Photography instructor, Kristen Regan, exhibited a few photographs from her series Anthropocene: On the Precipice. In this series of works, she describes Anthropocene as “a new geologic epoch of earth in which human activity has significantly impacted the planet.” 

Sculpture and 3-D Design instructor Jimmy Rhea exhibited his sculptures and printmaking pieces, from Nike sneakers to a head made out of a softball. 

Graphic Design instructor, Keith Wall, showcased prints with lithography and digital components and created imagery using words and acronyms like LOL and AF.  

Photography instructor and Photo Lab Manager, Chris White, showcased photographs ranging from the traditional black and white to the digital prints.

Lastly, Art Foundations and Painting instructor, Paula Work, showcased her paintings and worked with mixed media.

Alaina Plowdrey provides advice for visual arts students in reference to getting work out there and for the upcoming fall semester.

“It is important to have your work out there in the world. Not only do you have the possibility of selling the work, but you also start making a name for yourself,” Plowdrey said.

“Carve out time in your schedule when not in class to continue to refine your work and create more of it! ” Plowdrey said, ” Always have a sketchbook on hand to jot down ideas.”