Walking the Plank: Ian Craze

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Published: March 30 2005

With us today is hot hitter and center fielder Ian Craze of the Pirate Baseball team. Let’s get right down to it and walk the plank…

Q So…Ian Craze huh? That’s a, “crazy,” last name. Are you, “crazy,” or something?

A (smiles) Of course!


Q That’s crazy….Do you have any nicknames on the team?

A Me personally? Uh…Crazy & Flex


Q Any embarrassing game moments?

A (laughs) Yeah! At the state tournament I dropped a routine fly ball.


Q So…on behalf of all the ladies in the audience: Are you single?



Q You’re a centerfielder right? Do you like playing the field? Are you a switch hitter?

A (laughs) No, I’m definitely not a switch hitter, but I do like playing the field. (smiles)

Q Word is you’re from Mansfield, Ohio. How did you wind up here? Do you even know where, “here,” is? Ever seen water before?

A (laughs) Yeah, I’ve drunk it before! I wound up here because I came through South Alabama


Q What is a buckeye?

A Best school in the nation!


Q So the weather must be different up there rather than down here, right? What did you think of Ivan?

A It was the craziest thing I’d ever been through! It was devastating!

Q What’s your major?

A Nursing.

Q …Crazy… Anyways, as a, “Blingin’ Baseball Playa,” you gotta have a fly ride. Whatchya pushin?

A  I’m rolling on some 10-inch Nikes! I’ll break out the GMX’s when I feel like Ballin’ !