Wide selection of Pensacola coffee choices excite the taste buds

by Shea Dixon and Marley Reynolds

Pensacola, though it may be smaller than other cities, is no stranger to the cafe scene. 

This first weekend in March, we, the self-claimed food reviewers of the Corsair, took it upon ourselves to go out and find the best of the best among them.

The first stop was Pensacola State’s  coffee shop, The Drowsy Poet. Located in the Edward M. Chadbourne Library, every student during finals week is familiar with its cozy charm.

The Drowsy Poet’s cozy charm is nestled just across the room from the endless halls of knowledge and greatly enhanced by the shop’s studious feel. It truly is a campus coffee house, in both the feel and the locale. 

The Drowsy Poet doesn’t just serve coffee, however. The Poet serves breakfast bagels, smoothies, and a myriad of other options for breakfast and lunch alongside it. 

Given all of its options, location, and cozy atmosphere, the Drowsy Poet definitely earns itself four out of five (4/5) coffee cups. 

The oldest of any of this list, operating since 1948, the Coffee Cup has a classic diner’s style. With grits and bacon and hashbrowns galore, the diner provides a hearty breakfast for all. 

The Coffee Cup’s traditional style diner-esque flair is furtherly solidified by an excellent sense of customer service and neighborly feel. 

The Coffee Cup is on the corner of Cervantes and 6th Avenue and is open for breakfast and lunch. With all of it put together, the Coffee Cup also earns a solid four and a half out of five (4.5/5) coffee cups on our award scale.

Though we, at first, feared that Adonna’s had lost its old vibes when they moved locations, we were pleasantly surprised by the fact that Adonna’s was back and as friendly as ever.

The humble abode the shop now calls home truly feels like a little home. The new location is welcoming and pleasantly adorned, with a feel reminiscent of stopping by your friend’s house for coffee. 

Alongside its coffee, Adonna’s also serves a litany of teas and desserts that suit any individual’s taste palette. Adonna’s also offers a reservable afternoon high tea in their tea room.

Now a little bit west of downtown, the shop is located at the corner of Garden Street and B Street. We give it three out of five (3/5) coffee cups. 

The Bodacious Brew is one place that is quickly becoming a Pensacola original classic. 

Nestled into the corner of Palafox and Main, Bodacious Brew is externally deceiving in its size and scope. Inside its interior, there is a cafe, a restaurant, a cooking shop, and an olive oil shop. All are culminating into one beautifully designed downtown institution.

Though maybe not as homey as the other options on this list, Bodacious offers a comfortable setting for a morning or afternoon coffee. On top of that, it gives any chef, budding or experienced, a special outlet to explore new possibilities for their future cooking adventures. 

For all of its options and it’s going above and beyond, we’ll give it five out of five (5/5) coffee cups.

Last on our java journey is Fosko’s. Decorated in a modern industrial style, Fosko’s offers delicious coffee with a wide range of options. However, what makes it special is its scrumptious crepes, which it sells alongside its coffee selection. 

Ranging from breakfast flavors to campfire smores, the wide range and option of these french desserts provide an avenue for pretty much anyone to find one they’d like.

Fosko’s is on Palafox Plaza, just south of the intersection of Palafox Street and Garden Street. We give it four out of four (4/4) coffee cups. 

All in all, Pensacola is teeming with cafes that offer a great variety of styles and services. All of them culminating in a great breadth of options for all of us coffee lovers.