Travis DeSimone

The Corsair

Most readers have been in love before. Most of have fallen out of love as well. Typically when we lose a lover it is through a nasty break up or some logistical issue, but sometimes death intervenes. What would you do to bring a dead lover back to life? This is an issue explored in Womb.

Rebbecca and Tommy are child hood best friends. They live in a small coastal town, Tommy lives with his mom and Dad and Rebbecca with her Grandad. You can feel their bond as they run and play in the surf and the white sand. One day Rebbecca leaves. Tommy stays.

Nine years later Rebbecca returns to a grown Tommy, a more articulate, ambitious young man. Naturally the sparks fly as they begin to pick up where they left off, going on adventures and goofing off together. Then Tommy is killed by a speeding car.

The film is not necessarily set in the future, but the world they live in has a slightly different attitude to genetic sciences, including cloning. With the permission of Tommy’s family, Rebbecca has an embryo that is a clone of Tommy put inside of her. Things can get tricky when you are raising a clone of an ex-lover. This is where most of the films content takes place, exploring neurosis and interactions that occur.

The cinematography really is gripping, the pale white and light blue of the beach landscape truly is breath taking. The whole film is shot in an overcast way, everything looks quiet and cloudy like a Sunday afternoon. Matt Smith, who plays Tommy also stars in BBC’s Dr. Who and is always a pleasure to watch perform.