Women’s Basketball Falls to Conference Rivals

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Women’s Basketball Falls to Conference Rivals
Photo By: Chelsea Zachary
Photo By: Chelsea Zachary

By: Ally Doty

The Pensacola State women’s basketball team faced conference rivals, Gulf Coast Community College, on Wed. February 5, 2014 in hopes of grasping their first conference win of the season.

Going into the match, the Pirates held a 0-7 conference record and a 10-14 overall record with second year-coach Leah Drury, desperate for a win.

“Let’s go now ladies,” she yelled before the game started. “We need this win!”

GCCC revealed their pink uniforms after warm-ups, sporting the soft pink for Breast Cancer Awareness.

PSC had a rough game from beginning to end, taking the lead in the first half with 27 points and then slowly lost their momentum in the second.

GCCC won the jump ball in the first half and obtained four quick points in the first two minutes.

Soon after, GCCC Sophomore Jessica Morton fouled Teadra Jones, who made her first two penalty shots of the night.

Jones proved to be a key player throughout the game, ending with 21 points, seven being penalty shots.

PSC went seven possessions without scoring any points, but that did not stop them from pushing back.

Featured player of the night from Birmingham, AL, Tiarra Pollnitz, had her first steal of the night at 13:13 that resulted in two points for PSC, giving them the first lead in the game. She had three more steals throughout the game and averages eight points, three assists and three re-bounds a game.

PSC kept high momentum in the first half, running all over GCCC and not giving them an inch to make a move. They came out in the lead, 27-22.

It all went downhill in the second half for the Pirates.

Both teams were falling all over the court and PSC began being too generous with the ball. They allowed several turnovers in the first few minutes and allowed the Commodores to take the lead halfway through the second.

GCCC forced Drury to take a timeout at 10:14.

Dominique Powell stole the ball from Pirate Sophomore Alexis Horton and scored two more points, furthering their lead in the second half.

Jones had two-three point shots back to back in sixty seconds, but her efforts alone weren’t enough.

PSC fell to their conference rivals, 61-64, and their record fell to 0-8.

They will face Chipola College at home Saturday, Feb. 8, 2014 at 5:30 p.m.

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