Addy Awards go digital

The American Advertising Federation of Pensacola (AAF) hosted their annual American Advertisement Award or Addy Gala Friday, February 26th. However, this years’ gala was different; amidst COVID-19 and social distancing, this event was held online. Professionals and students gathered in front of their computer screens and watched.

Pensacola State College took home three judges’ choice awards. Graphic designers Jennifer Manare for her book cover Everything Is Fine, Danny Nguyen for his poster’s series Genital Mutilation, and Jared Barrow for his coffee brand Petro Coffee image. 

In addition to these, PSC was awarded 18 gold awards and 29 silver awards. The categories students competed in are based on elements of advertisement, whether it is producing a logo, photograph, or poster for a company.  

 “My inspiration was to talk about something dynamic. Nobody is really talking about this topic.” Danny Nguyen said. His poster series is based on the medical procedures that are affecting men and women daily. “I wanted to create an image that would cause the viewer to do a double-take. Like, “Oh! A fruit…wait for a minute,” kind of reaction.” Nguyen stated.

Amelia Moore said, “after plowing through product and food photography on Pinterest and had my product selected, I tried to style every element that went into the photo to complement and relate to the product and the brand.” Moore produced several photographs advertising a wide range of products: ranging from health and beauty to food and drink. “I sourced materials/ingredients that I thought would complement the product and messed around with them until I had something I was happy with.”

Danny Nguyen, Jennifer Manare, and Amelia Moore provide some advice for incoming artists. “Stay organized! Keeping forms, paperwork, and file names neatly organized will help the submitting process go a lot smoother. Also, don’t be afraid of failing! You never know until you try,” Nguyen said. “I would say don’t hesitate to enter. Just go for it. And keep all of your files organized. It was my first time entering the Addy’s, and I really wasn’t expecting to win anything, but surprisingly I did, and I am very thankful for the recognition of my work.” Moore stated.