A comedy of errors: My audition experience for PSC Got Talent

I’ve attended the PSC Got Talent competition for the past two years as a writer, I’m not sure how it worked out this way, but it did.

This year, I’ve come into quite a bit of free time, so I made the conscious effort to audition for the competition. Wouldn’t you know, the craziest thing happened? I got in.

My talent was stand-up comedy, something I have tried and failed to do in dive bars three times over. This being my last semester at PSC, I took the proverbial plunge once more and decided to take my mediocre act to the competition stage.

This year’s auditions were held either in person or via zoom, I chose the latter, performing a small section of my set from my living room in front of god, my birds, and the judging board.

The three people judging my audition were Abigail Bott, the head of student activities, Keyaundra Mobely, the SGA President, and (Name) (title). I’d interacted with all three ladies in some capacity, either through my work with the Corsair or class.

I started my set with the standard opening. Then I was about two minutes in when the call cut out. I had experienced my first heckler, PSC’s poor internet connection. This was as if the universe was giving me a chance to recover.

When I eventually got back in, and call it a reflex or just word vomit, I popped back up with, “Wow, I guess even zoom thought my joke was that bad.” 

My Zoom joke was received pretty well and I finished my set. I honestly thought I had bombed again when (name) mentioned that this is the first time a comedy act would appear on the stage and that my act would bring some diversity to the stage. About 48 hours later, I received the email letting me know I got in. 

PSC Got Talent will be on March 12, 2021 at The Ashmore Auditorium. If you’d like to watch history in the making, come on out but make sure you register with Student Activities as the audience is limited to 45 people. Maybe I’ll bomb, and maybe I’ll do great. Much like the number of licks it took to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop circa the early 2000s, the world may never know.