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App Review: Sunshine

By Tracey Squaire

Have you ever wished you could plan the perfect outfit to wear so that you would be comfortable all day, no matter the turn the weather took? Well, the Sunshine app assists you in doing exactly that.

Sunshine is a weather app that remembers what you tell it about the weather. Say it’s 65 degrees outside. To another person, that may feel like nice, cool weather, but to you, it feels as though your fingers will freeze and fall off.

If you walk outside and it’s 65 degrees, you can tell Sunshine whether this feels pleasant, warm, hot, cool, cold or freezing, and it will remember what you say. It then makes suggestions to you in the future based on your indicated preferences.

Sunshine gives you a personalized greeting each day, and it gives you suggestions about what to wear based on how the weather is at that moment and how the weather is projected to be later that day.

Not only do you get weather updates from Sunshine predicting how you will feel, but others with the app can post “Vibes” saying how they feel about the weather that day, along with any observations they see such as the sky being cloudy or there being a layer of mist obscuring the view. Vibes show up on a map so others can see what area a specific Vibe was posted in. Sunshine users can like each other’s Vibes,  indicating that they agree with a person’s assessment of the weather.

The best thing about this app is that with its location feature, you can receive recommendations for an area you will be in later that day that may have a different weather outlook than your current area.

The only issue with Sunshine is that it doesn’t give as in-depth a weather review as some other weather apps. While it will tell you weather you will need an umbrella “later,” it doesn’t give you a specific time that the weather might change.

Sunshine is available to download for free in the Google Play store and the Apple store.

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