Netflix Review: Shameless

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Netflix Review: Shameless

By Katelyn Bailey

Nowadays, it’s complicated to find a slice of life TV show that’s intriguing enough to keep you wanting to watch episode after episode and still keep you on the edge of your seat.  Most dramedies are tacky or really generic. The ends are predictable and they feel borderline not realistic because, let’s face it, whose life always ends perfectly at the end of the day?

The U.S version of “Shameless” shows the true rawness of real life and all of its downfalls.The show takes us through the dysfunctional family of Frank Gallaghar, an alcoholic single father of six kids. While he spends every waking moment of his days in a drunken blur, his oldest daughter, Fiona, acts as the mother figure for her siblings.

We see the struggles of growing up in the poverty stricken, south side of Chicago, and how the family sticks together to make it through whatever life throws at them. Life makes sure to never give them a break.

It’s not all doom and gloom, though. The show has a great way of tying comedy into dark situations. Shameless really captures a lot of today’s big problems, and it helps watchers remember to make time to laugh when things get rough.

Let’s be real here; the world’s a little crazy, so why watch a show that sugar coats everything?

Shameless is a great watch for those who appreciate the good in the bad, for those who are struggling with real life problems and want someone to relate to and for those who just need to laugh and cry, maybe at the same time.

There are six seasons of Shameless on Netflix, and season seven just premiered at the beginning of October. Shameless is also available on Hulu.

There’s no doubt that once you start watching, you’ll be up all night watching episode after episode, and there’s no shame (pun intended) in that.