BBVA Compass Bank Presents Financial Recovery Workshop

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BBVA Compass Bank Presents Financial Recovery Workshop


By Rebecca Juntunen

A classroom on the main PSC Campus was filled with many PSC students on Thursday, September 26, for another extension of “Money Matters Week”— a workshop presented by BBVA Compass Bank.

The workshop, focusing on practical ways to access one’s current financial situation and begin recovery, was led by Pensacola’s BBVA Compass Vice President DeeAnna Stoll and Assistant Vice President Terri Hansell— both PJC alumni.

In an hour-long discussion they broke down complicated topics such as financial recovery, bankruptcy, and credit reports into simple components, which sparked discussion among the audience.

“I learned that it is not good to not have credit… but to keep something with a small amount of credit,” said student Rose James.

The speakers advised students to know that the amount they owe to creditors, pay off life changes.

“They [the group] were experienced. I would attribute it to their instructors. The group was interested and participative.” Stoll commented later, in regard to the audience’s questions and comments.

Hansell added “It went great. There were a lot of good ideas, good questions regarding credit, and there was more participation in this larger class. Hopefully it answered questions and gave additional information,”  when she was asked her opinion on the success of the workshop.